Super Multi Liquid Vitamin 32 Fl. Oz.- Vital Earth Minerals 2 Pack May 24 2022, 0 Comments

Vital Earth Minerals 2 Pack - Super Multi Liquid Multivitamin 32 oz. Bottles

  • HIGH POTENCY LIQUID MULTI-VITAMIN IN A FULVIC MINERAL BASE- Contains Vitamins Plus Fulvic Minerals. Fulvic delivers nutrients directly to the cells!
  • MTHFR FRIENDLY FORMULA! Now contains Folate from organic spinach, P5P B6, and Methylcobalamin B12.
  • LOW GLYCEMIC & ZERO CARBS! Sweetened with healthy Stevia. Now with 0 Carbs!
  • THERAPEUTIC STRENGTH TO SUPPORT A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM. Just 1 capful per day! Contains the most absorbable and highly utilizable forms of every nutrient, in the proper ratios and potencies. Energizing Fruit and Greens Blend- Helps body scavenge free radicals and promotes vitality and mental alertness.
  • PERFECT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - KIDS LOVE IT! Voted best tasting liquid vitamin! Delicious Tropical Passion Fruit flavor.

Super Multi Liquid Vitamins

32 oz. Liquid - 30 Day Supply
Natural Tropical Tangerine Flavor


NEW!   MTHFR Friendly!

For the millions of people who suffer from the MTHFR gene mutation, Super Multi provides a cutting edge solution not readily available in other formulas.  Our MTHFR friendly formula contains folate from organic spinach, P5P B6, and Methyl B12.  The MTHFR gene mutation has been linked to over 60 adverse health conditions and prevents many from taking much needed supplements.

High potency liquid multi-vitamins in a Fulvic Mineral base

  • High potency vitamins
  • Low glycemic - sweetened with stevia (no xylitol in our new formula)
  • Zero Carbs
  • Energizing fruit and greens blend
  • Amino Acid blend from Quinoa
  • Therapeutic strength to support a strong immune system
  • Powerful plant based Fulvic mineral base
  • Better absorption because it’s a liquid*

Perfect for the whole family

  • 100% Vegetarian
  • No Benzoates
  • Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Crystalline Fructose
  • Non-GMO
  • No MSG
  • No Dairy
  • No Soy
  • No Iron
  • No Xylitol (new formula)

Top selling Super Multi is an unsurpassed combination of vegetarian and USP certified ingredients that help maintain a healthy immune system, promote normal vitality and mental alertness, support healthy blood sugar already in the normal range, decrease food cravings, and augment balanced hormone function (does not contain hormones).*

It is a time-tested, complete multi-vitamin formula that scientifically combines high-potency vitamins, ionic fulvic minerals, vegetarian amino acids, and an array of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and whole food concentrates.  Does not contain iron.

Vitamins are the catalyst for reactions in the body, and are essential for life. They create energy, regulate metabolism, bio-chemical processes, help the immune system, and more.

Super Multi contains only the most absorbable and highly utilizable forms of every nutrient, in the proper ratios and potencies. Plus, the addition of Fulvic further facilitates vital bio-reactions that assure even higher assimilation and maximum absorption into cells. 

It is formulated to contribute to your body's natural ability to produce energy, promote restful sleep, maintain healthy cognitive function, and support a robust immune system.

NO: added sugar, crystalline fructose, or artificial sweeteners; sweetened with low-glycemic stevia.  NO: gluten, GMO's, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. NO: fillers, binders, or chemical additives.

The fruit flavorings in Super Multi are “essences” and do not contain any fruit-derived sugars. Super Multi contains none of the fillers, binders, or excipients often found in inferior products.  And, none of Vital Earth products are pasteurized as the extreme heat destroys nutrients.

Super Multi offers better absorption because it’s a liquid.  It is already penetrating the cells by the time it reaches the stomach. Super Multi is a better way to get the vital nutrients your body needs.

Vitamins are essential to good health

Vitamins are essential to life. They assist healthy metabolism and the processes that release energy from digested food.

Consumption of excess sugar, refined flour, hydrogenated fats, chemicals, preservatives, additives, alcohol, and many drugs deplete the body of nutrients. Because of all these day-to-day factors that contribute to nutrient deficiency, Super Multi provides much higher potencies than typical multi-vitamins thereby offering more dramatic results.

For any significant benefit to occur, nutrients must be in high or therapeutic potencies.  Check the potencies of what you’re currently taking and compare to Vital Earth products.  Super Multi’s higher potencies mean more nutrients penetrating the cells – exactly where they’re needed. Low potency and low absorption formulas only feed your cells a fraction of the nutrition they really need, resulting in ongoing deficiencies.

A Closer Look At The Individual Ingredients In Super Multi:

All 16 Vitamins:

Vitamins are the catalyst for reactions occurring in the body and are essential for life.  They create energy, regulate metabolism, assist bio-chemical processes, support the immune system, and more. Since all vitamins work synergistically, it's essential to provide all 16 to avoid imbalances.

Plant-based  Amino Acids :

  • Aminos provide the building blocks of protein - the structure for all living things
  • Cells cannot survive without amino acids
  • Amino acids assist in the exchange of nutrients between fluids, tissues, blood, and lymph
  • Without amino acids, vitamins and minerals cannot perform their jobs properly
  • All essential amino acids must be present simultaneously in the diet for proper utilization

Contains Fulvic - It's What Other Formulas Don't Have

Vitamins cannot be properly absorbed without the presence of minerals.  Minerals function as co-enzymes and are required for the proper function and structure of cells.

Fulvic minerals maximize absorption, and absorption is the cornerstone of all Vital Earth products. It converts nutrients into ionic forms, carries them directly into cells, and extends the time they remain active in the body. Fulvic is able to carry up to 60x its own weight in nutrients into cells. It makes cell membranes more permeable, so nutrients more easily pass into cells with the help of fulvic.

What all this means is that this one ingredient (which most other vitamins don't have) is boosting and enhancing all the benefits of the high potency nutrients in Super Multi.

But, does Super Multi contain all the minerals I need?

Super Multi contains enough minerals to facilitate reactions and ensure maximum absorption of the vitamins (because vitamins cannot be properly absorbed unless minerals are present). To get a full daily dose of minerals, most of our customers take Super Multi together with one of our mineral products.

Super Multi supercharges enzymatic activity for better digestion

Enzymes are the life force behind vitamins and minerals.  They are the catalyst that allows substances to be converted for use by the body. Without enzymes, nutrients cannot be used.  
  • Enzymes speed the rate of biological reactions and are responsible for over 7000 complex functions in the body
  • Vitamins work hand in hand with enzymes for virtually all biochemical activities of the body
  • Enzymes accelerate and enable hundreds of thousands of biochemical reactions within the body

Why Super Multi is packed with ingredients

All nutrients have co-dependent relationships with each other…meaning, all nutrients are dependent on the presence of other specific nutrients to create essential reactions that allow them to be used by the body. These numerous bio-reactions are what give cells their energy and make continued good health possible; and that is why we combine so many vital ingredients together in this one formula.

Isolated nutrients pass right through the body unused without the presence of their required co-factors. Plus, taking an excess of one nutrient can create imbalances in others, so providing the proper ratios is essential; and that’s exactly how Super Multi was formulated.  Making sure each and every vitamin in the formula is fully absorbed and working properly is what gives our Super Multi such amazing results.

Super Multi is in liquid form, so it's 98% bio-available

This means over 50% more nutrients are going directly into cells, as opposed to tablets or capsules that offer only a 10% to 50% absorption rate. When you have better absorption, more nutrients reach the cells.  

Is there a difference in the quality of nutrient forms?

Higher quality nutrient forms are fully recognized by the body and are then used to fuel natural energy-giving and health-supportive functions; whereas, certain forms of cheaply-made synthetics do virtually nothing useful in the body. Even worse, they use up the body’s resources which tries to either convert them into a form the body can assimilate, or flush them from the system.

Super Multi contains only the most absorbable and highly utilizable forms of  nutrients in the proper ratios and potencies.  Plus, the addition of Fulvic further facilitates vital bio-reactions that assure even higher assimilation and maximum absorption into cells.

Can be used at first sign of imbalance or depressed resistance*

CAUTION:   Our previous version of Super Multi contained xylitol and should not be given to your dog!!    It  contains the sweetener Xylitol which, although very healthy for humans, is harmful to dogs ... Read More 

We recently began shipping the xylitol-free version (June 2019), so check your label to see which version you have.  Look for xylitol in the "Other Ingredients" section, below the supplement facts.  If you have the formula that contains xylitol, as a precaution, please don't give it to your dog.  Call us if you have any questions.  866-291-4400

Allergen Statement:

All Vital Earth products (and ingredients) are Non-GMO and free of the following: Artificial coloring, flavoring, sweeteners, crystalline fructose, HFCS, MSG, gluten, wheat dairy, milk derivatives, soy, yeast, sugar, starch, salt.

Safety Warnings:

Precautions: Use only as directed. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a serious medical condition, consult a health professional before use. Keep out of reach of children.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have health problems, consult a health care professional before use.