Carotenoid Blend (60 caps)

$ 30.40

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  • Quenches dangerous free radicals.
  • Supports prostate health.
  • Supports vision and helps protect against UV damage to the eyes and skin.
  • Supports immune function.
  • Supports the heart and circulatory system.

How It Works:


Beta-carotene is a carotenoid found naturally in carrots and other sources. Its antioxidant properties make it important to overall health. Many members of the carotenoid family have been shown to have a positive influence on health. For example, lycopene (responsible for the red color of tomatoes) may support prostate health; lutein (found in dark green vegetables) offers a variety of health benefits, particularly to the eyes; and zeaxanthin (also found in dark green veggies) may support immune function as an antioxidant.

Although individual carotenoids offer distinctive health advantages, their combined effects may enhance their influence and range of benefits. These include powerful free-radical quenching ability, heart and circulatory system support and support of healthy vision. This blend may also provide some protection from ultraviolet light damage to the eyes and skin, in addition to supporting the glandular system and offering a host of immuno-supportive benefits.



4,000 IU vitamin A as beta-carotene (80% of Daily Value), hibiscus flowers, alpha-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, astaxanthin, phytoene and phytofluene.

Recommended Use:

Take 1 capsule three times daily with a meal.

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