DigestMORE Ultra (multiple varieties)

$ 29.99

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Ultra-strength Plant Enzyme Formula Targets Difficult Digestion, and occasional Gas & Bloating‡

  • Powerful advanced plant enzyme formula‡
  • 100,000 units of protease per serving
  • 14 plant-based enzymes
  • Ideal for high-protein diets‡
  • Varied digestive enzyme blend helps break down a variety of foods‡

DigestMORE Ultra is an advanced plant enzyme blend with greater amounts of digestive enzymes per capsule than most other products on the market today‡. It differs from our original DigestMORE formula in that it is a straight enzyme formula specifically targeted for difficult digestion and the breakdown of a broad range of foods and nutrients‡

Why take Enzymes?
Enzymes help break down and digest food so the body can use it. Poor diet and rapid eating can cause incomplete breakdown of food. Without the enzymes needed for proper digestion, the body may not be able to digest and absorb the valuable nutrients it needs. Everyone can benefit from taking digestive enzymes with their meals, as they help maximize the nutrient intake from food.

Why are Plant Enzymes best?
All bodies are different. Some digestive tracts are more acidic, and some are more alkaline. Plant-sourced enzymes are best because they are effective in both acidic and alkaline systems.

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