Organic Triple Fiber

$ 15.99

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100% Organic Daily Fiber Provides the Natural Balance of Soluble & Insoluble Fiber

  • 100% organic fiber from flax, oat bran & acacia
  • Promotes bowel regularity‡
  • Relieves occasional constipation‡
  • Helps absorb and eliminate toxins‡
  • Promotes heart health
  • Psyllium-free; Non-cramping‡
  • Organic fiber blend rich in lignans
  • 75% insoluble to 25% soluble fiber ratio
  • Non-swelling, will not gel
  • Available in powder or capsules

A high-fiber diet provides numerous health benefits, but getting enough dietary fiber through diet alone can be a big challenge.

Organic Triple Fiber is a blend of organic ground flaxseed, organic acacia fiber and organic oat bran. While psyllium swells and gels, causing dehydration, irritation, and constipation for many people, Organic Triple Fiber provides a perfect balance of bulking and sweeping nature intended‡.

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