Tea Tree Oil (0.5 fl. oz.)

$ 19.90

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  • Supports the structural system, particularly the skin.
  • Exhibits antiseptic properties.

How It Works:

Tea Tree Oil has been referred to as “the wonder from Down Under.” It comes from the melaleuca tree, which is native to Australia and has long been used by the Aborigines. Tea tree’s beneficial properties make it a popular ingredient in shampoos, creams, skin cleansers and other external cosmetic applications. The compounds in tea tree oil benefit the skin and are non-irritating. The oil contains several important compounds, including terpines, cymones, pinines, terpinen-4-ol, sesquiterpenes and sesquiterpene alcohols.


Pure oil of the Australian tea tree.

Recommended Use:

Tea tree oil is recommended for external use only in poultices and other skin-cleansing applications.

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