Vital Earth Minerals Fulvic-Humic Blend (32 fl. oz.)

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Vital Earth Fulvic-Humic Mineral Blend - 32 oz. (1 Quart) 946 ml.

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Vital Earth Fulvic-Humic Mineral Blend is a 3 to 1 blend that offers the ideal mix for people who are looking for a convenient and money saving way to combine Vital Earth's key products, Humic Minerals, and Fulvic Mineral Complex. Humic is a more powerful chelator of larger toxic deposits, and is significant for correcting cellular anomalies, while Fulvic helps energize cells, enables reactions essential for normal healthy functions, and facilitates maximum metabolism of nutrients. Vital Earth Fulvic-Humic Mineral Blend is the perfect daily maintenance formula that gently performs the special functions of both substances.

Benefits of Vital Earth Fulvic-Humic Mineral Blend:

  • Balances hormones and enhance metabolism
  • Increases electrical energy of cells
  • Elevates healing functions
  • Equalizes blood sugar levels
  • Rejuvenates and repairs thyroid function
  • Detoxification
  • Increases daily energy
  • Improves mental clarity, concentration and moods
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Alkalizes and oxygenates
  • Promotes sound restful sleep

Highly Effective For Cellular Energy
The benefits of Fulvic and Humic are far reaching. Humic/Fulvic extracts are proven to boost cellular energy, which in turn heightens immune system function. Humic and Fulvic work as potent antioxidants, antivirals, and anti-inflammatory agents. 

Great For Children!
Vital Earth’s proprietary procesing produces an alkaline pH product that has almost no taste. It’s a great way to give kids the minerals they need. For kids, Vital Earth recommends 1 teaspoon per every 20 lbs. of body weight, not to exceed 1 ounce per day.

All Vital Earth minerals are organic by default. To maintain and protect the Humic and Fulvic, no chemical acids, heat, or pressure extrusion are ever used in their extraction method.
Humic/fulvic extracts are proven to boost immune system function, and work as potent antioxidants, antivirals, and anti-inflammatory agents.  Humic is a more powerful chelator of larger toxic deposits, and is significant for correcting cellular anomalies, while Fulvic helps energize cells, enables reactions essential for normal healthy functions, and facilitates maximum metabolism of nutrients.  Fulvic-Humic Blend is the best of both worlds. This is the perfect daily maintenance formula that gently performs the special functions of both substances.

Humic/Fulvic Extracts Oxygenate and Alkalize the Body
The body can only effectively assimilate vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients when pH levels are in balance. Because of this, the body’s pH level is crucial. Illness thrives in an acidic environment; red blood cells stick together and become oxygen starved.  

Symptoms of over acidity/reduced oxygen are lethargy, weakness, and fatigue. Long-term over acidity leads to serious problems with adrenals, lungs, liver and kidneys, as well as erosion of connective tissue and heart structures.   

Alkalizing the body with oxygenating plant based minerals is key to maintaining healthy, balanced pH levels.

Not all humic/fulvic mineral products are produced the same. Here’s why:

  • Vital Earth’s humic/fulvic is alkaline, not acidic
  • Vital Earth’s humic/fulvic is NEVER processed with chemical acids or high heat which destroys humic/fulvic
  • Vital Earth’s humic/fulvic is full strength - the original humic source is never “reused” to make multiple batches and then sold as a “concentrate”

Better Than Colloidal Minerals:
Colloidals are solid particles that are simply being held in liquid suspension; they are too large to be used by cells easily and offer little health benefit.  The ionic particles of Fulvic Mineral Complex are “dissolved” and are so small they are not even measurable in liquid form, which means they are able to pass right through cell membranes into the cells where they go to work.

Vital Earth Minerals:

  • Premier source for all-natural, organic Humic and Fulvic Minerals derived from plants.
  • High potency supplements that use Humic and Fulvic as their base ingredient for unsurpassed effectiveness.

The entire Vital Earth Minerals product line presents a highly bio-available baseline nutritional system that is easy, convenient, and coordinated for maximum results. Featured in the product line are seven powerful, high absorption liquid formulas, and three results-oriented capsule products. What makes Vital Earth’s high potency supplements so effective are the key formula ingredients, Humic and Fulvic.

Humic and Fulvic Extracts...
Humic and Fulvic, which are organic plant based mineral extracts, are nature's way of energizing and purifying the body.  The strength of Humic and Fulvic lies in their ability to supercharge cellular activity. They spread throughout the system, boosting immune function, oxygenating, chelating and removing toxins, banishing free radicals, and balancing hormones.  
When Humic and Fulvic are present in the body, nutrients (from both food and dietary supplements) are dissolved into the simplest ionic form, ready to be utilized by the body.  Imagine a substance that seeks out and attaches itself to nutrients within the body, and then processes those nutrients in a way that the body receives maximum benefit. In essence Humic/Fulvic makes every system of the body work better.

The Backbone of Vital Earth's Philosophy...
Baseline nutrition is the philosophy of supplying a solid foundation of all the essential nutrients the body needs to build health; nutrients that build and maintain a powerful immune system. Getting your required baseline nutrition can be as simple as adding Humic and Fulvic plant based minerals, high potency multi-vitamins, essential fatty acids, and some additional calcium/magnesium liquid supplements.
With the poor nutritional value of today’s food, it is difficult for the average American family to get proper balanced nutrition on a daily basis. Today's modern farming and manufacturing practices create a food supply that simply doesn’t contain the same level of nutrition that it once did, resulting in an alarming increase in nutrient deficiency diseases.

What Makes Humic and Fulvic So Important to Good Health
Humic and Fulvic molecularly combine with, and enhance, all biological substances they encounter. Humic and Fulvic essentially prepare nutrients to inter-react with each other, and those synergistic relationships are what fuel cellular energy.  Better cellular energy translates into better physical energy and stamina, improved mental clarity and concentration, sounder sleep, resistance to colds and flu, reduced body acidity, and boosted immune system function.
Controls Acidity:
Humic/Fulvic is a powerful aid in controlling body acidity because it neutralizes acids in body fluids. It is also one of the most powerful free-radical scavengers known to science, potentially making it indispensable in warding off serious disorders such as cancer, and arthritis.
Powerful detoxifier:
One of the most sought after benefits of Humic and Fulvic are their powerful detoxifying capabilities. They provide a natural chelation therapy, and have the ability to remove dangerous toxins from the body, including chlorine by-products and more. Humic/Fulvic absorbs toxins, heavy metals, viruses and other immune system threats, and then eliminate them from the body.  Doctors who recommend Humic/Fulvic for mercury detoxification report results that are nothing short of miraculous.  Dangerously high levels of mercury have been known to be removed from the system within 30 days.
Over 70 minerals in a perfect balance:
Ionic Humic and Fulvic minerals provide a perfect balance of over 70 different minerals, from a concentrated organic fresh water plant source.  Because they come from plants they are biologically active and ready to be fully utilized by the body. Although elemental minerals that come from rocks, shells or clay may contain the same range of minerals, they are not in an organic plant based form so they do not offer the same bio-availability as plant derived Humic/Fulvic Minerals.
When combined with high quality nutrients, Humic and Fulvic create results you can feel, results that are above and beyond what other supplement products on the market can offer.

Vital Earth's Guarantee of Purity
All Vital Earth products are guaranteed free of unhealthy fillers, binders and toxic chemicals. No high heat, pasteurization, or pressure extrusion is ever used in any of Vital Earth's formulations.

Vital Earth is adamantly opposed to artificial sweeteners and MSG of any type, so you will NEVER find either in any Vital Earth formula.  Only healthy, all natural, low-glycemic sweeteners, such as stevia and xylitol, are ever used.

All ingredients are from premium sources, gluten free, and any flavorings used are from fruit derived natural sources.  Only natural preservatives, from sources such as blueberries and other natural substances are used, when required, in small amounts that are less than 1/10th of 1 percent.

Here's what's NOT in any Vital Earth product:

  • NO Polysorbate 80
  • NO Hydrogenated Oils
  • NO Polyethylene Glycol
  • NO Sucralose, Aspartame, or any form of MSG
  • NO Titanium Dioxide
  • NO Gluten
  • NO Genetically Modified Ingredients

About Vital Earth's Lab
Vital Earth's lab has the highest certification available from the FDA: Pharmaceutical Grade. This means that each ingredient has met the rigid requirements for quality and purity established by Pharmaceutical Grade Standards. Along with extensive monitoring and documentation, internal audits, and rigorous testing, our lab operates under the following certifications and membership:

  • ISO 9000
  • Current GMP status
  • Member of NSF

These certifications ensure quality control enforcement of all aspects of production, from receipt of raw materials, plant cleanliness, lot tracking, testing, production, and shipping of finished goods. Stringent quality control procedures are part of every phase of Vital Earth's manufacturing. Microbiological analysis is perfomed on each and every product run before it is released for shipping.
Vital Earth partners with a nutritional biochemist with over 30 years experience in this field to help them create their formulas. Each ingredient is carefully researched to make sure Vital Earth products are therapeutic and readily absorbed by the body.
None of Vital Earth's products have been tested on animals.

Why Vital Earth Minerals was Created
Just like so many of their customers, Vital Earth was dissatisfied with the poor results they were getting from ineffective supplements. Their overly simple formulas that contained insignificant potencies, combined with substandard manufacturing, and low absorption delivery systems equated to minimal health benefits.
Vital Earth decided to do something about it and created the Vital Earth line of products. Vital Earth recognized that healthy living starts one cell at a time, and knew that's where Vital Earth products needed to go to work...on the cellular level.
Vital Earth accomplished their goal by creating formulas that contain the miracle molecules fulvic and humic. Vital Earth utilizes a high performance combination of therapeutic strength potencies, the best and most bio-active nutrient forms, solution driven ingredient combinations, and maximum absorption delivery right into cells.  It's a winning combination that gives outstanding results, and keeps Vital Earth's customers coming back again and again because they are getting visible and life changing results.
But supplements are only part of the big picture. Great health goes hand in hand with making better food choices. At Vital Earth their goal is to offer lifestyle information, promote natural eating practices, and provide products that make your body stronger and more resilient to help fight and reverse disease so you can maintain vibrant lifelong good health.
Vital Earth hopes that you and your family experience the outstanding results from Vital Earth products that themselves, as well as their customers have experienced.

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