Vital Earth Minerals Super Strength Humic Minerals - 32 Fl. Oz.- 1 Month Supply - Vegan Liquid Therapeutic Strength Trace Multimineral Supplement - Whole Food Plant-Based Ionic Minerals

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Brand: Vital Earth Minerals


  • Alkaline pH Between 8.5-9.5. Alkalizing minerals support proper body pH levels stimulating the body's natural ability to eliminate every day toxins and protect against oxidative stress.
  • FRESH WATER SOURCE -*- Humic from fresh water has the lowest molecular weight of all humates. over 70 minerals, in trace amounts, naturally present in nature.
  • VITAL EARTH'S MINERALS ARE EXTRACTED USING ONLY WATER- Extracted using nothing but cold, double reverse osmosis, non-chlorinated, magnetically purified water, 80% of the nutrients from the original humic source, which includes a high concentration of fulvic, become suspended in solution. No heat, pressure extrusion or chemicals of any kind are used in extraction.

Part Number: SSH_00855748000153

Details: 32 oz Liquid - 30 Day Supply High potency, pure humic minerals, rich in trace minerals, amino acids, fulvic and more, from a fresh water source. -Therapeutic Strength - -No gluten, sugar, preservatives or additives -Non-GMO -Ionic -High Bio-Availability Humic minerals can be thought of as defenders of all biological mechanisms. They naturally contain some of the most valuable nutrients known to support the body’s normal healthy immune defenses and promote healthy cell integrity. Humic sustains overall health and enhances already healthy system-specific functions. These ionic humic minerals are from a fresh water source giving them the lowest molecular weight of all humates.

EAN: 0855748000153

Package Dimensions: 8.2 x 3.7 x 3.6 inches

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